A plane crash is only the beginning for a young doctor, Ray Butler. He must now face another crash of worldwide proportions as ninety-five percent of the male population has suddenly and inexplicably died. Now, unbeknownst to Ray, those who have survived have become a highly prized endangered species.

    He soon befriends a young woman and together they seek help in a nearby small town. Instead of help they find themselves in a battle with a town of women who are determined to hold Ray and the other men in what they call protective custody. Ray, and the other captives must now rely on a young girl he has only known a short time to help them escape or they will be destined to live their lives as caged breeding stock.
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Gary M. Roberts.  All Rights Reserved
Night terrors. Mental demons that pounce on my sleep, slashing it to bits. Begging to be let out of my tortured mind. The only release is to be heard, to be read as the written word, immortalized on a page. But, a word of caution - They will possess you, too.

Night terrors - A collection of 13 short stories that will  keep you awake at night! 
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A novel of suspense, survival, and the desire for freedom!
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