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Gary M. Roberts writes books, which, considering this website is about his books, makes perfect sense to say.  He is best known for his fiction novels and short stories.  He has been published in several magazines, most notably, Modern Maturity.

He was born February 24, 1956 in Savannah Georgia and has lived there his entire life, with the exception traveling during his three years of active duty in the US Army. Leaving the army, Gary joined the Savannah Police Department in 1980 and held several positions before retiring in 2000 to go in business with his wife, Carol. After operating a success medical transcription business for nine years, the economy sunk and their business was lost. He once again joined the Savannah Police Department and worked there until he retired again in, 2018. While working as a police officer he earned  a PhD in Theology and a Masters in Education.  He has taught both high school and college courses and was awarded a Top Teacher Award and letters of accommodation for his teaching.

Currently, Gary is chief of police in the small city of Brooklet Georgia and continues to write in his spare time.

Gary and his wife Carol C. Roberts, who also writes, live on a small farm in southeast Georgia with their fur babies and horses.

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About the Author
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