Chapter One

Only one bubble lingered; the others had come out in rapid succession, rising to the surface only to break into nothingness. But one lingered, just inside her tiny nostril. Jeremy looked at it curiously and wondered why it did not release itself and float to the top like the others. He gazed at the bubble a little longer, then at her angelic face. It was only under a foot of water, so it wasn’t distorted at all, and even her blonde hair served only to frame her face as it floated and drifted in the pool. In the background, carnival music played through loudspeakers...

A small sleepy southern town finds itself in the grip of a crime wave with horrendous random murders that seem to have no explanation. The only connection to the crimes is a wandering animal, a big black dog that appears to have demonic abilities that can only be explained through the occult. Police Chief William Garrison came to the town of High Cotton with the intention of semi-retiring. What he got instead was investigation thrown into his lap that was far beyond anything he had previously experienced in the twenty years of law enforcement. Added to that, a mysterious man arrives with unknown intentions and is searching for the animal. Though not a believer in the occult, Chief Garrison is ultimately forced to reconsider his beliefs as he realizes that the events unfolding could quite possibly be from Satan himself.
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Gary M. Roberts.  All Rights Reserved
A New Suspenseful Horror Novel
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The Stray
Cover Design by : Jessica Homan